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Who is Youlean?

I’m Julijan Nikolic. (You may know me as Youlean). I am the developer behind Youlean Loudness Meter.

In 2016, I created Youlean Loudness Meter as part of the KVR Developer Challenge (create the best free audio software).

To be honest, I was already fascinated with the new loudness measurement techniques but I was a bit stunned when I realized how expensive these types of plugins are. That was the moment I decided to build it by myself.

The proof that people loved it came really quickly – Youlean Loudness Meter was voted a clear winner of the KVR Challenge 2016.

After many lines of code and many hours, days and months later, I was able to bring to the users a new PRO version which implemented many useful options that will save your time and improve your workflow. Also, the PRO version will help me to fund the future updates for Youlean Loudness Meter and other plugins too!

Thanks everybody for your support!


* Youlean at Musikmesse, Frankfurt 2019

User Policy

Youlan Loudness Meter doesn’t have a trial period or separated versions of FREE and PRO plugins. You download the FREE software, check if everything works as expected, use it for some time, if it meets your needs, there’s no need to upgrade. However, if you find the PRO features essential for you or if you want to use them to speed up your workflow, you may upgrade to PRO. 

Our Customers

music schools


Many schools are using Youlean Loudness Meter in their educational courses. Students and teachers are welcome to use the educational discount of 30%.

music schools

TV and Radio Stations

Using Youlean Loudness Meter will ensure you are compliant with the law regulations regarding loudness standards. Many broadcasters around the globe trust Youlean Loudness Meter to stay on the right side of the CALM Act (or any other regulation required in their country).

music producer

Individual Professionals

Professionals love to use Youlean Loudness Meter, it gives them peace of mind when dealing with clients. Affordable price and trustworthy results make Youlean Loudness Meter a no brainer.

sound recording studios

Sound Recording Studios

Big and small studios around the globe are using Youlean Loudness Meter in the mixing and mastering chain.


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* For more answers go to the FAQ page

Can I install Youlean Loudness Meter on multiple computers?

You can use the plugin on multiple computers as long as these are your personal machines and you are the only user.

This option is not applicable to companies, organizations or schools, they need to purchase a multiple license version.

Can plugin alter the audio so that it fits the selected standard?

No, currently the plugin is only doing the analysis, and it can not alter the audio loudness.

This feature might be added in the future though.

Is there an EDU discount?

Yes, if you are a student or a teacher you can qualify for an educational discount of 30%. You need to contact me before the purchase.

Contact me HERE.

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