Youlean Loudness Meter

Youlean Loudness Meter is your ultimate free VST, AU plugin for loudness measurement.


  • International standards compliance.
  • Resizable interface.
  • Histogram and distribution display.
  • Multi channel support.
  • Smart Loudness Memory.

International standards compliance

  • ITU-R BS.1770-4
  • EBU R128
  • EBU R128 S1
  • ATSC A/85
  • OP-59
  • ARIB TR-B32
  • AGCOM 219/09/CSP

Channel support

  • Mono
  • Stereo
  • 5.1 DTS
  • 5.1 ITU
  • 5.1 Film

Smart Loudness Memory

Smart Loudness Memory will speed up your workflow by saving all data with DAW session and recalling it after you reload the session.


v1.9.1 – BETA

  • Fixed Time Code behavior when “Auto Reset” feature is turned on.
  • Minor small bug fixes.

v1.9.0 – BETA

  • Added smooth color transition option.
  • Added PLR-Short Term and PLR-Integrated readouts.
  • Added second color split.
  • Added true peak graph display.
  • Added Getting Started window.
  • Added true peak graph display.
  • Extended range of true peak threshold to -30 dB.
  • Optimized graphics for macOS retina and Windows HiDPI mode.
  • Optimized graphics performance.
  • Fixed preset recalling.
  • Fixed most of the resizing problems on macOS.
  • Better compatibility with macOS High Sierra using AU format.
  • GUI design improvements.
  • Stability improvements.

v1.5.0 – BETA

  • Added GUI scaling. Activate by ctrl+drag on resizing handle.
  • Added view modes.
  • Added continuous mode.
  • Added fine control for true peak threshold.
  • Fixed crashes in Cubase – VST3 version.
  • A lot of stability improvements.
  • Minor graphical glitches fixes


  • Added macOS installer.
  • Fixed settings not sticking after project reload.
  • Fixed jump when changing window size with the mouse wheel.
  • Improved scrolling with histogram control.
  • macOS stability improvements.
  • Minor graphical glitches fix.


  • Added manual.
  • Fixed small bug when switching from auto to non-auto in Time Code mode.
  • Fixed wrong integrated and loudness range measurements if play position has jumped in the playlist.


  • Fixed random resetting transport in Bitwig Studio.
  • Many fixes regarding transport.


  • Fixed AU crash at load in Ableton Live.
  • Fixed true peak detection.
  • Fixed button that pauses integrated and loudness range measurements.


  • Fixed missing libraries on macOS.
  • Fixed volume boost in FL Studio.
  • Fixed FL Studio crash while detaching the plugin.
  • Fixed Reaper crash after play in Windows.
  • Fixed minor graphical glitches.
Technical Details


  • Minimum OS version – Windows 7
  • Plugin formats – VST2, VST3


  • Minimum OS version – macOS 10.7
  • Plugin formats – VST2, VST3, AU

V2 version is around the corner!

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  • V1.5.0 Beta version should be more stable than V1.0.5.
  • MacOS High Sierra users should reboot the system after plugin installation if can’t get a plug-in to run properly.
  • v1.9.1 will expire on April 1, 2018, and then you will need to update plug-in with a newer, better version.
  • PRO version will be available with the v2.0.0 release.