Finally, a new update!

The focus for this one was on bug fixes and underhood improvements.
I am personally most excited about adding support for native Apple Metal and OpenGL rendering.
This will finally solve the problems with GUI speed on macOS!

One feature that was requested a lot was to prevent graph reset when presets change.
This was added and it will work with most presets, but some will require a reset, however, you will be notified if that happens.

Adobe has reached to help me with some crashes in Audition and Premiere Pro, so that is now solved.
Also, many other compatibility issues with various DAWs were solved too.

I have added support for direct file drag and drop analysis.
Translated to English, drag and drop won’t increase ram usage while analyzing which will improve stability when analyzing big files.
Also, drag and drop now has time remaining estimate which will be super useful when analyzing long audio files.

I really want to thank all beta testers! This update required a lot of testing and it couldn’t be done without our beta testers!

If everything goes well with this update, the next thing will be a new plugin! Can’t wait for you to try it out!


V2.4.1 Changelog

  • Fixed VST plugin not showing inside EDIUS
  • Fixed VST3 constantly resetting in Adobe Audition
  • Fixed AU plugin not working on some older macOS versions
  • Fixed crash that can occur if loading saved project and using timecode with the auto-reset off
  • Fixed loudness target knob using frac position when manually setting
  • Fixed CPU spike when resetting the graphs
  • Fixed audio dropouts when using higher sample rates
  • Fixed FCPX muting channels when rendering and using 5.1 channel configuration
  • Fixed slow analysis with lower sample rates
  • Fixed mono mpg files do not work with drag and drop on Windows
  • Fixed drag and drop not working with mono or multichannel AIFF files on macOS
  • Fixed true peak max value sometimes not shown in the excel export
  • Fixed true peak not correct on mouseover when the relative scale is used
  • Fixed export creating incomplete graphs for PDF and SVG files
  • Fixed SmartScreen warning on Windows
  • Fixed crash with VST2 and DAVID MultiTrack Editor
  • Fixed crash in Cakewalk
  • Fixed crash with VST2 and Wavelab
  • Fixed crash with Adobe Audition
  • Fixed crash with Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Fixed crash with Soundforge Pro 12
  • Fixed crash when analyzing huge files on Windows
  • Fixed audio glitches when using VST2 inside Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Fixed big ram usage when analyzing big files
  • Improved VST2 stability in some daws
  • Improved VST3 stability in some daws
  • Rewritten GUI engine. Hardware acceleration is now supported
  • If hardware acceleration is not supported, software rendering will be used
  • Added hold CTRL to set the default preset in the drop-down menu
  • Added option to show both integrated relative and dialog gated readout at the same time
  • Added Analyze File menu item on the standalone application
  • Added HBO, Disney+, EBU R128 S2, and EBU R128 S2 Music streaming presets
  • Added remaining time info for drag and drop
  • Added support for RF64 WAV encoding for analyzing 4gb+ files
  • Removed message box information when exporting graphs
  • Removed support for macOS 10.7
  • Analyze multi mono files as one file by using .L.wav, .R.wav, etc. extensions with drag and drop
  • Changing the preset won’t reset the measurements unless required
  • Collapsed groups inside drop-down menus are now saved globally
  • Changed color of the focus rectangle in order to make the text more readable
  • The export custom path will be globally retained
  • Other small UI, UX improvements