Youlean Loudness Meter – Changelog

V2.4.0 – March 20, 2020

  • Fixed macOS Mojave or Catalina can’t analyze audio from inputs
  • Fixed crash with Vegas Pro when rendering
  • Fixed crash with SADiE 6
  • Fixed crash with OBS Studio
  • Fixed drop down menus not scrolling in some cases
  • Fixed reset button doesn’t clear all values in some hosts
  • Fixed switching from A to B state doesn’t switch properly
  • Fixed long non-ASCII filenames breaking GUI with file analysis
  • Fixed standalone app not starting the audio engine after the first install on macOS
  • Fixed standalone app crashes if digital inputs are selected
  • Fixed plugin always starts in default size
  • Fixed window resizing in Ozone 9
  • Fixed dynamic range graph color do not update on preset change
  • Fixed channel selection menu not showing correctly with histogram disabled
  • Fixed short term alerts not set and reloaded properly in free version
  • Fixed edited preset indication not working for streaming services
  • Fixed tooltips showing wrong info if menus are open
  • Fixed window resizing with OBS Studio
  • Fixed crash when doing drag and drop on AudioSuite in Pro Tools
  • Fixed drag and drop not switching to 5.1 channels automatically
  • Added option to save and load projects with the standalone application
  • Added option to export only loudness or dynamics graphs
  • Added option to set points density for graph export
  • Added option to the export-import graph memory file
  • Added dialog gating option based on Dolby Dialog Intelligence
  • Added option to see a voice detection inside the histogram based on Dolby Dialog Intelligence
  • Added option to ignore system audio volume on Windows standalone app
  • Added option to always keep the standalone app on top of other windows
  • Added option to resize the window by its sides
  • Added option to auto update export name based on the file name from drag and drop
  • Added option to select integrated relative gate type
  • Added option to select adaptive dialog gate method of calculation
  • Added adaptive gate threshold setting
  • Added configurable averaging window for the momentary loudness calculation
  • Added integrated relative gate indication in the histogram
  • Added option for showing an alternative look of the metering bars
  • Added Netflix preset
  • Added Deezer preset
  • Updated YouTube preset
  • Removed click to pause histogram tracking option
  • Improved CPU usage when the UI is minimized
  • Improved measurements naming in the graph export
  • Changed indication for edited preset to a simple star symbol
  • Output settings are removed on the standalone app because they are not needed
  • The standalone app now remembers its position
  • Integrated alerts are now set with presets automatically
  • Successful export message box now shows the full path of the exported file
  • Advanced optimizations are now on by default
  • Improved project saving speed with large graphs
  • Improved loading speed
  • Changed LK indication to more correct LU indication
  • The standalone app preferences will be reverted to default values
  • Windows installer now remembers previous install paths
  • Improved GUI performance on 5K iMacs and macOS running non-default display color profiles
  • Other small UI, UX improvements

V2.3.2 –  October 17, 2019

  • Fixed wrong channel selection in the standalone app
  • Fixed wrong input name with the ASIO driver in the standalone app
  • Fixed GUI not working in some older macOS versions
  • Fixed crash when changing GUI scaling and reverting back to original
  • Fixed drop-down menu glitch
  • Fixed drag and drop not working with Ogg files on Windows
  • Removed support for 32bit on macOS
  • Improved file support for drag and drop
  • Added System Audio monitoring in Windows standalone app
  • Added fullscreen mode in the standalone app
  • Other small UI, UX improvements

V2.3.1 –  August 30, 2019

  • Fixed volume boost in FL Studio
  • Fixed custom preset glitch
  • Fixed blue window showing with empty buttons
  • Fixed AAX plugin not loading with 7.1.2 channel configuration
  • Fixed AAX plugin won’t load in Pro Tools 12.7 or earlier
  • Improved compatibility with Pro Tools
  • Added prevention of crashing when loading saved state from newer versions
  • Audio is now only passed for channels set inside the interface

V2.3.0 –  August 11, 2019

  • Audio is now always passed for all connected channels
  • Added option to add a custom logo to exported files
  • Added a file selector button for quick analysis
  • Added Amazon Alexa and Amazon Music preset
  • Added tooltip info bar
  • Added support for 7.1 surround and 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos
  • Added true peak clipping channel indicator
  • Added an option to invert time code for Elapsed and Continuous histogram mode
  • Added AAX Audio Suite analyze button
  • Added back support for 32 bit on macOS
  • Time coding info is now inverted by default for Elapsed and Continuous histogram mode
  • Time coding info is now always inverted after drag and drop
  • Application will not start with paused measurements by default anymore
  • Fixed macOS installer not showing all information if the dark theme is selected for the OS
  • Fixed drag and drop has a wrong start in the Time Code mode
  • Fixed drag and drop not working in some DAWs like Cubase
  • Fixed GUI glitches with drag and drop in some DAWs
  • Fixed spike at dynamics graph start
  • Fixed crash when working with 5.1 surround channels
  • Improved general stability
  • Small UI, UX improvements


V2.2.4 –  June 20, 2019

  • Added Apple Podcast and Spotify Loud presets
  • Drag and drop now always process audio at the file sample rate
  • Measurements won’t be reset if you open a project with a different sample rate
  • Alerts now show “OFF” when disabled
  • Adjusted thresholds and rounding
  • Adjusted Auto Gradient for dynamic range target to show all green when above the threshold
  • Right click on readouts now opens the alerts settings
  • Fixed graph jumps at 0 position when DAW is not playing when using Time Code mode
  • Fixed some graphical glitches when working in Time Code mode
  • Fixed mouseover dynamics graph showing dB instead of LU
  • Fixed drop-down menu graphical glitch
  • Fixed Pro Tools run out of power when using the Time Code mode
  • Fixed Time Code not working on sessions longer than 14 hours
  • Fixed slow GUI animations on some systems
  • Improved the GUI performance, especially on macOS retina screens
  • Improved overall performance
  • Other small UI, UX improvements

V2.2.3 –  May 2, 2019

  • Fixed graph not correctly updated in some cases if using Time Code mode
  • Fixed input gain not retaining value if global settings are used
  • Fixed input gain does not modify the output anymore
  • Fixed crash in TwistedWave with AU
  • Fixed drag and drop info does not display correctly in TwistedWave
  • Fixed wrong end position when doing drag and drop in Time Code mode
  • Fixed crash with drag and drop on macOS Mojave if you have not allowed the permission to use audio
  • Fixed graph not zooming correctly with mouse wheel if GUI scaling is not at 100%
  • If you cancel drag and drop the graph is not reset anymore
  • Animations are now a bit slower on macOS
  • Removed halo around the dynamic graph

V2.2.2 – macOS Only – April 25, 2019

  • Fixed problems with loading the plugin on macOS

V2.2.1 – April 23, 2019

  • Fixed plugin reverting from PRO to free in some cases
  • Fixed crash in Ableton Live 9 when loading more than one plugin instance
  • Fixed drag and drop not working in Windows with non-English file paths
  • Fixed drag and drop crashing with longer files
  • Fixed crash when using 5.1 in the standalone app
  • Fixed AAX not working on macOS
  • Reduced RAM usage for drag and drop by 300%
  • Improved speed of drag and drop by 2x
  • Improved preferences panel in the standalone app
  • Improved news panel
  • Added option to check updates for BETA versions
  • Added dropped file info on the histogram
  • Added option to autosave app session
  • Added option for input gain correction
  • Drag and drop can now open all OS supported audio/video files
  • Audio is now silenced while drag and drop analysis is performed
  • The installer on macOS now recommends reboot or logging off, but does not force anything

V2.2.0 – BETA – March 29, 2019

  • Added drag and drop to analyze WAV, MP3, OGG or FLAC files
  • Added Excel file export option
  • Added color alerts to mouse over readouts
  • Added confirmation box when changing GUI scaling
  • Added A/B save states
  • Added DR guides in the histogram
  • Added standalone 64bit app for Windows and macOS
  • Removed support for 32bit on macOS systems
  • Removed requirement for a reboot of macOS after updating the plugin using the installer
  • Removed getting started screen
  • All plugins and apps are now digitally signed
  • Fixed wobbly graphs
  • Fixed wrong selection position after session reload
  • Fixed plugin starts in extremely low FPS mode after first use
  • Added automatic gradient setting for dynamics graph
  • Improved GUI performance
  • Improved zooming on the histogram
  • UI and UX improvements

V2.1.1 – November 29, 2018

  • Fixed Sound Forge not starting in continuous mode
  • Fixed opening an old project might give you low FPS
  • Fixed typo in refresh rate menu
  • Fixed graph not updating in timecode mode
  • Fixed label text not scaling
  • Fixed export not working on macOS
  • Fixed Pro Tools reset graphs glitch
  • Fixed SVG and PNG not exporting at correct DPI
  • Plugin moved to Sound Field menu in Pro Tools

V2.1.0 – November 23, 2018

  • PRO – Added plugin dark theme
  • PRO – Added export white theme
  • PRO – Added PNG, SVG graph export
  • PRO – Added resolution selector for the export
  • PRO – Added text scaling option
  • PRO – Added option to save a custom presets
  • PRO – Added simple way to unregister the plugin
  • Added graph refresh rate control
  • Added 1.5 HRS, 2.5 HRS, 3.5 HRS window sizes
  • Added EBU S1 and ASWG presets
  • Renamed PLR-Integrated to Peak-Loudness Ratio
  • Renamed PLR-Short Term to Dynamic Range
  • Extended range of true peak alert threshold (10dB to -30dB)
  • Improved graph timeline text
  • Improved loading speed
  • Graphs rendering optimization
  • Fixed crash in Studio One on macOS
  • Fixed FL Studio wrong timecode position after project load
  • Fixed plugin won’t work until you reselect the continuous mode in some DAWs
  • UI and UX improvements
  • Stability improvements

V2.0.2 – September 23, 2018

  • Fixed graphical glitches on macOS retina screens
  • Fixed plugin resetting to the FREE mode in Final Cut Pro X
  • Fixed “GO TO WEBSITE” button
  • Fixed update notification not working in Windows in V2.0.1
  • Fixed plugin freeze if you pause measurements and disable and re-enable the plugin in the mixer
  • Improved compatibility with vMix

V2.0.1 – September 9, 2018

  • Fixed not being able to click on View and Registration menu
  • Fixed plugin is moved to the bottom on retina screens
  • Fixed resize error when dragging plugin from retina to non retina screen
  • Improved compatibility with retina screens
  • Improved compatibility with Final Cut Pro X (more work needs to be done)
  • Fixed crash with AU loading in Studio One

V2.0.0 – September 1, 2018

  • Fixed resizing issues in Ableton Live on Windows
  • Fixed drop shadow glitch with scaled GUI
  • Fixed problem with file names when exporting PDF files
  • Fixed Elapsed behavior when “Auto Reset” feature is turned off
  • Fixed plugin not working in FL Studio using AU plugin format
  • Minor graphics fixes
  • Added option to close “Window can not fit the screen” popup

V1.9.9 – BETA – July 20, 2018

  • Improved GUI performance
  • Added GUI animations
  • Added preview for PLR histogram
  • Fixed not being able to see the GUI interface
  • Fixed not being able to resize GUI interface in vMix
  • Fixed empty 2 button panel on GUI open
  • PRO – Added registration panel

V1.9.8 – BETA – June 28, 2018

  • Fixed “Pro Tools ran out of CPU power” bug
  • Added Audio Suite version of the plugin for Pro Tools
  • Changed GUI design (still work in progress)
  • Added option to check for updates from the plugin
  • Added “Pause Measurements” button
  • PRO – Added option to set focus on readouts
  • Resizing performance improvements

V1.9.7 – BETA – May 7, 2018 

  • Fixed hold max values not resetting after a mouse click
  • Added AAX plugin type for macOS and Windows
  • Stability improvements

V1.9.6 – BETA – May 2, 2018 

  • Fixed VST3 not working in Studio One
  • Fixed VST3 not working in vMix
  • Fixed bug when moving color splits will freeze vMix

V1.9.5 – BETA – May 2, 2018

  • PRO – Added settings for PLR graph, alerts, optimizations
  • PRO – Added pdf export option
  • Fixed PLR-I measurement error after project reload
  • Optimized binary size
  • Reduced CPU usage by ~30%
  • Minor GUI tweaks

v1.9.4 – BETA – Apr 1, 2018

  • Fixed forced mono audio
  • Fixed some crashes

v1.9.3 – BETA – Apr 1, 2018

  •  Fixed broken v1.9.2 build that will crash sometimes

v1.9.2 – BETA – Mar 31, 2018

  • PRO – Added loudness target knob
  • Added check if a plug-in interface can fit the monitor screen
  • Added buttons to reset window size and scaling
  • Added loudness range display
  • Fixed crash when switching to 22050 Hz sample rate
  • Minor GUI bug fixes

v1.9.1 – BETA – Feb 28, 2018

  • Fixed Time Code behavior when “Auto Reset” feature is turned on
  • Minor small bug fixes

v1.9.0 – BETA – Feb 7, 2018

  • Added smooth color transition option
  • Added PLR-Short Term and PLR-Integrated readouts
  • Added second color split
  • Added true peak graph display
  • Added Getting Started window
  • Added true peak graph display
  • Extended range of true peak threshold to -30 dB
  • Optimized graphics for macOS retina and Windows HiDPI mode
  • Optimized graphics performance
  • Fixed preset recalling
  • Fixed most of the resizing problems on macOS
  • Better compatibility with macOS High Sierra using AU format
  • GUI design improvements
  • Stability improvements

v1.5.0 – BETA – Jun 4, 2017

  • Added GUI scaling. Activate by ctrl+drag on resizing handle
  • Added view modes
  • Added continuous mode
  • Added fine control for true peak threshold
  • Fixed crashes in Cubase – VST3 version
  • A lot of stability improvements
  • Minor graphical glitches fixes

v1.0.5 – Jan 12, 2017

  • Added macOS installer
  • Fixed settings not sticking after project reload
  • Fixed jump when changing window size with the mouse wheel
  • Improved scrolling with histogram control
  • macOS stability improvements
  • Minor graphical glitches fix

v1.0.4 – Dec 12, 2016

  • Added manual.
  • Fixed small bug when switching from auto to non-auto in Time Code mode
  • Fixed wrong integrated and loudness range measurements if play position has jumped in the playlist

v1.0.3 – Dec 8, 2016

  • Fixed random resetting transport in Bitwig Studio
  • Many fixes regarding transport

v1.0.2 – Dec 6, 2016

  • Fixed AU crash at load in Ableton Live
  • Fixed true peak detection
  • Fixed a button that pauses integrated and loudness range measurements

v1.0.1 – Dec 4, 2016 

  • Fixed missing libraries on macOS
  • Fixed volume boost in FL Studio
  • Fixed FL Studio crash while detaching the plugin
  • Fixed Reaper crash after play in Windows
  • Fixed minor graphical glitches

v1.0.0 – Nov 30, 2016

  • Initial release